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Ask Anna!

Ask Anna!

I asked all of YOU what questions I could answer to get to know a little more about the girl behind the blog. Thank you so much for submitting such a range of questions and topics! Here it is…

What are you doing for college?

I will be attending Savannah College of Art and Design. I plan to study interior design with the hope of designing restaurants and small businesses. Minor in creative writing, but I'd consider a double-major. 

In what ways will you continue to advocate for clean beauty in college?

I'm not stopping! I will continue selling Beautycounter, but what I'm most looking forward to is educating other students. I can picture sharing products in my dorm as many people develop their lifestyles away from home, so I hope that I can teach and help this generation clean up their routines! 

Favorite Beautycounter product?

Tough question but I have to say the Cleansing Balm. It's so versatile. I clean my makeup off, use it for scars, cuts, etc. It's nourishing and helpful with rosacea. I'd describe it as coconut oil on steroids. 

Will you do a dorm tour?

Oh hunny, I've been thinking about that for months. YES. 

Are you all prepared for college?

I've been waiting for a fresh start for a long time. I'm ready to live somewhere new and see the world as my own person. I'm also very excited to put the work into a subject I want to get better at. So yes, I'm all set!

Any boys in your life?

Nah (if you're reading this make your move now fellas).

What's one word/idea to live by your senior year?

You're never going to see these people again. Don't let them stop you, be yourself. Explore your passions without shame, don't waste your time around people you won't stay connected with after graduation. It's been three years, don't waste anymore, not being authentically you. 

Tips for the college application process?

If you're younger, start thinking about offering a broad resume. For example, I was not a 4.0 honors AP student-athlete. I did well in school, but what I focused on was gaining experience — internships, technical classes, portfolio, volunteer opportunities, etc. Colleges want to get to know you as a person/why you bring something different to their school.

Of course, academics are also important, so make sure to understand the types of schools you'd like to apply to and what they want. My school wanted to see my art and writing, so I dove into that world.

To save stress, I also found it helpful to get things out of the way, like required classes and testing. Starting early on senior projects, touring schools sophomore year, etc.

That's what helped me, but it may not be for everyone!

Brunch the other day. Biggg breakfast girl.

Brunch the other day. Biggg breakfast girl.

Favorite meal of the day?


What's your favorite food?

Oatmeal with a million toppings. Gimme all the bananas, honey, PB, coconut. I'm an oatmeal junkie.

Was it hard to switch to plant-based eating?

I'm not a vegan. I cut out meat and limit my fish intake, but I don't follow a strict plant-based diet to clarify. I eat as many meals as I can from the earth, but don't hold restrictions. It's not hard for me because I know the impact it makes on the environment, even if it's not an all or nothing state of mind. Balance and eating a variety of food, whether good for me or joy makes it easy. I also love how eating whole-foods makes me feel! 

What's your favorite memory with your mom?

I don't have one in particular. Now that I've grown up I've realized the things that she valued, I value. I will always remember hiking with her, shopping the sale racks and getting the best deals, eating meals on our outdoor patio and her reading chair in the living room. I will never forget her singing in the car or our trip to SCAD my sophomore year of high school. She was the kind of mom every daughter deserves to have, and I was very, very lucky to have had her.

I love wearing bright patterns like this skirt.

I love wearing bright patterns like this skirt.

How would you describe your style?

Bright patterns/business chic/boho/ladylike. I like wearing things that are different. Much of the time, I think I look like a teacher. I'm a sucker for Anthropologie

How did you get the idea to start your blog?

The book Elements of Style by Erin Gates

Do you ever find it hard to talk about your eating disorder?

Not really. I spent so long NOT talking about it, internalizing feelings that I didn't even know classified as disordered eating, that now feels like a relief to share. Intuitive eating, RD's and Health at Every Size activists played a tremendous role in my own story + made me want to become a blogger myself. Eating disorder rates in our country are a phenomenon. Because of this, diet culture is now being talked about much more in the media, athletes, and celebrities sharing their stories, etc. I wasn't exposed to that when I was 13 and counting calories. There were far fewer resources; the intuitive eating movement hadn't even begun. Anyone who has been there knows the pain and wants to help others + minimize the problem.

What would you say to those working on their mental health?

I'm working on it every day. There's no "end-game" when it comes to mental health. You can't go to the gym for a single month and expect to be fit for the rest of the year, so why would it be any different for your brain?

My best advice is to view your mental + physical health as one. If you were physically hurt, say a sprained ankle, you would tell someone. You wouldn't hide your injury from others; you'd want to get better.

I believe in talking about what goes on in your head to your friends and to those you trust. Reach out for help when you feel like you can't handle what's on your plate. People who love you want to be there.

For more individual mental health balance, making times for things like exercise, journaling, reading, spending time with people you care about, etc. makes all of the difference when it comes to your stress and anxiety levels.  

What keeps you motivated to post?

Hearing from readers. Getting positive feedback is the most rewarding feeling. I always make an effort to tell creators when I appreciate their work because I know what it means to hear that. I also try to follow a structure — still working on that though. 

Are you surprised that your blog is getting so big?

A little. I wasn't sure how my community, especially in high school would react. I knew that I had lots of important things to say and share mostly just from my interest in wellness. Information that people could use, especially at this age. I wanted people to benefit but did I expect it? Not exactly. I’m happy with the turnout so far, but I’m a go-getter! I will be working to grow my name/brand/blog as I continue my education and career.

Thanks again for submitting questions! I cannot wait to continue the blog during this next chapter of my life.

All the love,


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