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Trying Something New for the First Time (like pilates) 

Trying Something New for the First Time (like pilates) 


As some of you may already know, I managed to get this kick-ass ambassador program with FindWhereYouFit, a local 614 fitness blog for the summer. You can read the current event-guide here

The work that Lindsay, blogger, mother, PT, and friend puts into this blog is unreal. Like, every city deserves to have one. The perk is that I get to attend fun, invigorating workout events with FindWhereYouFit

The whole idea of these events is to get out of your mind, move your body, try new things, meet new people, and so forth. Now, this sounds all well and good, but let's take a step back. NEW things? NEW people? Um yeah… that can be kind of terrifying if you ask me. 

So when I tried my first ever Pilates Reformer class this past Sunday, it got me thinking- where did all of that fear go? Sure, I still get uneasy driving to a new place with new people, but not to the degree I used to. I'm not sure if it was growing up or not having a parent to depend on anymore. I'm not sure if it's something I just grew out of, but if I had to put my finger on it, I would say that I just kept trying new things until those new things didn't make me want to throw up anymore. 

Lindsay puts herself out there. She blogs about her life, her kids, and what I admire most about her is that she puts herself into a new workout studio and just goes for it. So when Lindsay told me once, that she was shy as a little girl, I was shocked. Her inviting, colorful personality would have never led me to believe that she was once shy because I was once shy. Very, very shy. And if you didn't find me as quiet and timid, I was internally jumping up and down with worry. 

So showing up at this Pilates event, years younger than the other women, knowing no one but Lindsay. Why didn't I get the same butterflies? 


I realized, all of the experiences I was either thrown into or willingly submerged in. Take the first day of senior year, for example, a day that everyone has to do. SENIOR YEAR. My 13th year in that very school district. I was so anxious that morning; I force-feed myself breakfast. It was the usual-  who will be in my classes? Will I like my teachers? How hard is precalc? What if I'm late, I do have to drive myself now. 

Or a week later on the first day of my internship, something I went into by choice. I met no one at the design studio beforehand, lost in the shuffle of downtown Columbus, unsure where to park. Had I dressed appropriately? What will they make me do? What if I hate it? 

So nervous. Always. About everything. About new people. About other's opinions. 


I have experienced A LOT recently. The loss of a parent forces you to step up, even if you are a shy and anxious young lady — kind of how college and moving away is for most kids. I also decided to start a blog which has brought about plenty of events within itself. With each of those events came nerves, but I also feel as if those nerves shrunk one by one as the next thing rolled around. Sure, I was frantic going into my first day of an internship alone. But it's that discomfort, of going back day after day, time after time that fosters trusted relationships, and opens doors to endless possibilities. 

So I'm not sure, exactly. Did I grow out of being shy? Or did I push past it? 

I believe people are born with gifts. But I do not believe people are given as many gifts as others may think they are. 

I believe that life is what you make of it. If you want something enough, you will push through the unsettling thought of trying something new. 

If you don't see a single familiar face in a crowd, you will keep showing up until you get the courage to introduce yourself to just one. 

Don't settle where you don't feel welcomed. Whatever it may be, a pilates studio, friend group, job. Keep trying; keep putting yourself in those situations: Discomfortable, sometimes messy, awkward positions. 

Never stop growing, learning, experiencing the new. Keep it exciting, always.

You can check out FindWhereYouFit here or follow the instagram @findwhereyoufit.

All the love,

Anna . xx

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