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A Day in the Life: High School Intern

A Day in the Life: High School Intern


6:30-7:00am Wake up. My morning routine consists of breakfast and getting ready. I try to look nice the majority of the time, given I am in a professional setting for half of the day- today that meant a sundress and booties.

For breakfast, I had this overnight oats recipe topped with fruit, nuts, and coconut. I make time for breakfast in the morning because it gives me energy and focus throughout the morning. I think a lot of people overlook the importance of a hearty breakfast- you’ve gotta nourish to flourish!

My Beautycounter makeup routine is the same every day for the most part, plus or minus a few products. I have linked my routine here so you can shop!

A sundress from Forever 21 and booties from last seasons sale rack at Macy’s!

A sundress from Forever 21 and booties from last seasons sale rack at Macy’s!

8:30am Arrive at school. First period is my business class. If you are considering any profession involving business management, I would HIGHLY recommend taking this class. Having jump-started my Beautycounter business, this class fascinates me. I am almost always alert and paying attention, even for a first-period class. I strive on the idea of being my own boss.

9:22am Math. Ew.


10:11am AP Literature and Composition. To clarify, the majority of my time spent in math was me thinking about how much I would rather be in AP Lit right now. I have loved every high school English class, but particularly both AP Lang and AP Lit. I have had two phenomenal teachers, wonderful writing prompts, classmates and creative opportunities. If you are driven by words, creativity, and writing, take the challenge of an AP English class. Side note: thank you, Elizabeth Mckenna, for requesting a day in the life. Here is a pic of us getting Lit in Lit.

11:00am I have a rough period and a half  “lunch.” Since I am a senior I have no real obligation to be here during that time but given I leave for an Internship around 12:15, a typical day consists of me sitting in the LC and getting some work done. Today I went to Whole Foods to work. I limit how much I go out because I don’t want to waste money on food when I can pack from home, but no more than once a week I will go to either Whole Foods or Starbucks to get work done in a different environment. I have little homework as the fourth quarter senior but what I do have I try to get done and then I will work on Beautycounter or blog content

12:30pm At this point I have made my treck downtown to Mosaic Design Studio where I have an internship (unpaid, to clarify. I get a lot of questions- If you go to intern for high school credit you’re not getting paid so don’t expect to). You can read more about how I managed to get an internship in high school here.

A Typical Day at the Design Firm

  • File things

  • Archive things

  • Make project, fabric and finish binders

  • Reselect fabrics (one of my favorite things to do)

  • Unbox and rebox things (my least favorite thing to do)

  • Design presentations for clients

  • On occasion, get people coffee

3:00ish I aim to leave around three given I am unpaid and that is when school will end. Of course, if I am working on a project that needs to be done, I will stay. It is always a blessing to get out of there before rush hour.


3:30pm It takes me about 20-30 minutes to get home. Something I started doing this year was taking an hour when I get home for myself. I will watch Netflix or nap or read some blogs. I didn’t realize how much this would help give me back some of the energy I lost during the work/school day. I am a very high-energy person; I have trouble being still. I always want to be getting something done to check off of the never-ending list, but recently I’ve realized that it’s ok and even necessary to take time to yourself.

Today I watch How To Get Away With Murder, for anyone whos interested season four just aired on Netflix.

5:00pm I had an hour work session with my Beautycounter Accountability Partner, Ella. Ella and I make weekly and monthly goals, check in with each other and give ideas for business. We have Facetime work sessions a few times a month which helps both of us make reach-outs, send out packages, help construct emails, etc. I love having Ella to help me and keep me motivated to share the better beauty movement.

6:00pm We worked for about an hour (by work I mean sprawl everything out on the floor, very effective!) before I got ready for my Wednesday yoga class. I workout at least five times a week because it’s something that I love, feel empowered and strong from. I headed over to the gym a little after six to do some incline walking before class started.

6:30pm Every Wednesday I take a hot power flow with my favorite yoga teacher, Catie, whom I interviewed on the blog. I love high-energy and strenuous classes.

7:30pm When Wednesday class is over I almost always talk to Catie or a friend for a few minutes before heading home. Today I actually got gas on my way; this is a day in the life right!

Somewhere between 7:30-8pm As soon as I get home from whatever workout I have done, I am hungry. Since I cook for, myself I try to make one dish a week with leftovers. Tonight for dinner I had Chickpea Pasta using this recipe, topped with avocado + parm and a kale salad on the side.

A lot of my readers and friends think it’s cool that I shop and cook for myself. I lost two years of family dinners that I was supposed to have when my mom died. I went from never doing my laundry to doing laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and making every single meal for myself before I was old enough to get a tattoo. I am thankful that I don’t worry about having the money for food or cleaning supplies, but if there is anything I can recommend it is to enjoy family dinners. I used to value eating together so much that I did a public speaking speech on the benefit of regular family dinners when I was a sophomore. I have no one to sit and share my day, good and bad news. I always eat alone, and every time that I do, I think of my mom.

Please, if you still have it, don’t take that time for granted.  

I also had a Yasso Bar and some dark chocolate. If you haven’t tried these, they’re fantastic! Greek yogurt popsicles that taste like ice cream. I had the black raspberry chip flavor tonight.

Safer toothpaste from  Burt’s Bees .

Safer toothpaste from Burt’s Bees.

8:15ish I always shower at night. You can see some of the products I use here. When I get out, I like to do the Beautycounter #3 Balancing Mask followed by the Balancing Facial Oil and Recovery Sleep Cream. For my hair, I typically let it air dry and spray in some Sea Salt Spray to define my natural waves.

Once I showered, I made my lunch for the next day and chilled out on my phone for a while. I try to go to bed between 9-10 because I have a hard time getting enough sleep, so if I aim for that time the majority of the time, I can typically balance out any sleep deprivation. Teenagers need more rest than you need! Especially if you are undergoing stress.

And then it starts all over again! Every day is different, and in a month it will never be the same again! I’ve certainly picked up a routine full of staples for living a healthy and happy life. Of course, I’m not perfect, and as much as I love structure, can’t always be like that!

I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you’d like to see more.

All the love,

Anna. x

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If you have enjoyed this post, please! Get involved! Sign up to get emails when something fun happens, leave a comment, or follow me on Instagram @abundantly.annanoel!

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