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Weekly Eats Four: Getting Your Veggies In

Weekly Eats Four: Getting Your Veggies In

Welcome to Weekly Eats! This is where I come to share my latest foodspiration aka what's been cooking in my kitchen. This week I decided to spice it up and share some of my best tips for getting enough vegetables into your diet!

When I eat foods that are good for me, I feel good. I feel my best! So I aim to do this the majority of the time. But I have to tell you something… I have a rough time prioritizing veggies. Funny because I am a vegetarian BUT I just love fruit, nuts, nut butter and oats too much. Baking healthy muffins full of flaxseed and coconut oil is my favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love roasted vegetables or a decadent salad, but they aren’t always the first foods I’d grab for!

Today I am hoping to throw some ideas at you for getting more fiber-rich, nutrient dense vegetables into your everyday meals! I aim to always have veggies at lunch and dinner because that is what works for me.


Day 1: Let’s start simple. One of the easiest things you can do is wash/cut up veggies for easy access. Reach for things like baby carrots, broccoli florets or snap peas. Another option is to buy pre-cut vegetables. While it can add up quicker, this may be the better option for some given the portions are typically smaller. For example, I can’t always finish a bag of celery by myself, but if I buy a small cup of pre-cut celery I am set! Zero food waste.


Day 2: Here is an easy yet delicious copy cat recipe from Northstars’ Buddha Bowl. Ready in minutes, this nutritious bowl never disappoints. Details: Frozen California Veggie mix steamed in the microwave with Beyond Meat meatless chicken strips, Seeds of Change Basmati Brown Rice and Thai Almond Sauce.


Day 3: Lately, I have been loving green Kombucha. Kombucha is known for its gut-friendly benefits and immunity boost, so why not add some superfoods to the mix? Drinking your veggies is a good option if you have a hard time getting those nutrients in. There are also several green powders on the market to drink in the morning or add to a smoothie! Featured: Health-Ade Power Greens Kombucha.


Day 4: I took my very first cooking class at The Seasoned Farmhouse! “Cooking with Yogurt” was the name of the session, so most dishes were Mediterranean. I got some fantastic ideas to make at home including an avocado ranch dressing, savory yogurt bowls, lettuce wraps, and falafel.


Day 5: The cooking class had me real inspired to get creative at home. I ended up making my own “Savory Yogurt Bowls” (this picture being before I added Whole Milk Greek Yogurt). Start with a base of grains (I used frozen Quinoa from SimpleTruth) then add some roasted veggies. We used root veggies at The Seasoned Farmhouse, so here I roasted some carrot sticks in EVOO, salt, pepper, and garlic. To top it off I made these Chickpea Cakes with a food processor. Subbed the mayo for tahini and used steel cut oats instead of breadcrumbs. SO yummy! Especially when you top it off with some creamy yogurt.


Day 6: Veggie burgers. LOVE them. This high-protein veggie burger from Trader Joe’s was the bomb! Wrapped up in some lettuce and topped with sprouts, avo, and ketchup paired with roasted sweet potatoes.


Day 7: Here's my fun little ending to another Weekly Eats. We dined out at Hudson 29 for my Dad’s birthday. Most restaurants have options with fresh vegetables, but of course, a salad is always there. While most of us probably know Caesar salads are not the most nutrient dense, I believe in not only eating things for our health but enjoyment. So while out to eat I had a roasted tomato bisque with a side caesar salad. You can always ask for dressing on the side and take half to go!

Happy eating!

Anna. x

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If you have enjoyed this post, please! Get involved! Sign up to get emails when something fun happens, leave a comment, or follow me on Instagram @abundantly.annanoel!

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